The artist is Sternberg

"Still still life with cherries" David Sternberg – one of the “classic" works in the work of the artist, who, by the beginning of the 1920s, had already created a series of extremely original still lifes. The artist looks at the stage from top to bottom, placing a flat countertop parallel to the plane of the canvas. A plate with cherries and a knife on the edge of the table is also visible on top. The texture of wood is lovingly bred, the shape of the countertop in the lower right corner is strangely extended. Cherries and knife are extremely realistic, almost to the dummy, while the background is cold and empty. Although "Still still life with cherries" pays tribute to the constructivist tendency to "made items “and "shown materials", The artist does this picturesque means. 1919 lifes are often interpreted as reflections on the hungry years of war and revolution in Russia. This specific work is also a unique paraphrase to "Breakfast" (1916), which depicts a knife and cherries in a similar artistic vein.

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