The artist is Sternberg

David Sternberg is one of the decisive opponents. Speaking for the preservation of objectivity, texture and composition in the picture, Sternberg created a special style. It dominated laconicism, flatness and an “inverted” prospect, bringing the works of Sternberg closer to the works of children and unprofessional artists. “Life with a lamp” demonstrates a peculiar synthesis of a particular and conditional, which, in conjunction with the severity of compositional solutions, gives a special, sophisticated artistry to its still lifes. Easy to search for textured expressiveness, Sternberg pays serious attention to the variety of technical techniques. However, this “texture game” is not the end of the Sternberg itself, in the still life of which, according to the critic Yakov Tigendhold, “the technicalism of the form is combined with the psychologism of the content”.

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