The artist is Kuprin

Since 1908, under the influence of new French painting, first seen in private meetings of Moscow philanthropists, Alexander Vasilievich Kuprin, a student of the Moscow School of Painting of Sculpture and Architecture, began to write and exhibit works in the spirit of this art. In 1909, he participated in the Salon of the Golden Run, after which he leaves the school and plunges into experiments with his head. With fiery passion, the master addresses the search for open pure color, then he is fascinated by the desire to find their internal structure in visually perceived forms. He becomes one of the active members of the Bubnaya Valet association and has been writing up for almost fourteen years. At first these were cubistic works, then the geometry of forms gradually softened in them.
In 1920, Kuprin leaves for Nizhny Novgorod, where he leads Nizhny Novgorod and Sormovsky artistic workshops. This period belongs to the landscape “Ice Russian Russians on the Volga”. The picturesque solution is built on the finest color nuances, the effects of translucent of one layer of paint through another. Thanks to what, in work written in oil technology, the artist seeks a feeling of watercolor lightness of the image. The presented image demonstrates all the achievements of the master: attention to the emotional expressiveness of color, the desire for strict constructiveness of the drawing, an acute interest in the rhythmic mood of the composition, which reveals the pattern of the structure of objects and landscape.

“Ice Russian Russian Refers” is one of the most dynamic and expressive landscapes of Kuprin with clear contours of forms and sharp coloristic contrasts. The artist here came from the most real impressions of protective Volga structures. Exhibition catalog in Malaga “Seasons. Works from the collection of the Russian Museum “. 2015. WITH. 92.

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