The artist is Brodsky

July 6, 1924, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, in Moscow, on Khodynka (October Field), hundreds of thousands of working people of Moscow gathered. Among the Muscovites were guests – delegates of the Fifth Congress of the Communist International. On this day, the first anniversary of the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was celebrated.

The festival of Muscovites on Khodynka coincided with another event. On this day, a solemn transfer of the Moscow Organization of the RCP (b) of the Banner of Parisian Kommunarov 1871 took place. This banner was transferred for storage from the fraternal communist party of France.

In the newspaper "Is it true" A letter from the Moscow Party Committee on the adoption of the banner was published. The letter said: "…Under the banner of the Paris Communards, the best representatives of not only the Parisian, but the entire international proletariat fought and died and died…

For the overthrow of the capitalist system, for the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat – this is why they fought like Lions, “storming the sky”, the working masses of Paris in 1871. We, the proletarians of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the ideas of the commune and the memory of it are especially close to the road, as the first experience of the proletarian state, as the prototype of the Soviet government, as a historical lesson in the revolutionary struggle, which laid a strong beginning of the liberation of mankind from all exploitation…””

On the eve of the festivities “Pravda” published a letter from the old fighter of the commune Fourcade, who spoke on behalf of the 20th district of Paris: "This is a banner, comrades-a real banner of the rebels made of simple red matter, not wearing any inscription-this banner visited the fire of barricades, the last defenders of the Paris Commune in the quarters of Bel-Vil and the Pere Lashez gathered around it. The 20th district values ​​that you, the comrades of the Moscow Communists, recognized the mood of its members, and I am sure that you will gladly accept the storage of the banners of the Kommunarov, giving him all its revolutionary significance.

The 20th district trusts you with the storage of this symbol of the battles of the Parisian proletariat and promises stubborn and methodological work to contribute to the early onset of the hour when the Moscow brothers can return this banner to the Paris Commune after the Versailles crimes are avenged ”.

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