Artist – Petrov -Vodkin

In the first post-revolutionary years, Petrov-Vodkin often turned to still life, finding rich experimental opportunities in this genre. The objective world of his still lifes – namely the world, small cosmos. Taken from a high point of view, in clearly visible spatial relations, objects actively interact, communicate with each other in their own language.

So they are connected in the “morning still life”: a fragmented table serves the arena of the interaction of a wide variety of objects: a glass of tea and eggs, a box of matches and a flashlight, a faceted metal kettle. The artist emphasizes materiality, individuality and plastic completeness of forms, then sharp and faced, then soft and rounded. He literally tossedly conveys the texture – the mirror splendor of the metal of the kettle, the transparency of the glass of a glass, the edges of which are refracted and repeated the reflection of the spoon lying on the saucer; slightly rough surface of the countertop and porcelain uterine of the eggshell. The world of things, as it were, demonstrates here a wealth of visual capabilities: objects can be seen from different sides, from above, side and even behind, in reflection and refraction, but thereby they form a dynamic whole. A dog is also introduced into this composition, the position of which indicates a special point of view – from the inside of the picture space. In the center of a round dance of things is a bouquet of wildflowers, a kind of symbol of the highest possibilities of shaping, accessible only to nature. A large role in creating an image in still life is played by color. Light, slightly defeated, it is designed for associations with the transparency of the early summer morning – the symbolic morning of the new world.

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