The artist is Sternberg

The worldview of Sternberg was not only in Parisian „Hive “, but also in quiet Zhytomyr. It is from here, possibly, his intimism, his unhurried language, the inconsistent world of simple and everyday objects, love for the outskirts and a modest environment. The loneliness of the bent figure of an elderly peasant woman, a simple list of modest gifts of the earth in combination with an attractive, as a magnet, a frozen gaze of expressive eyes create a strong dramatic effect. The heroine shows the chain of associations, attracting the viewer to the social and philosophical problems of life, and the still life in the portrait is a kind of semantic and poetic accompaniment of the main melody. (A. L.)

Russian portrait. XX century. SPb, 2001. WITH. 176

The compositional and color asceticism of the picture of David Sternberg “Aunt Sasha” conveys the poverty and the wretchedness of the life of a Russian person who survived the hunger and the destruction of the civil war. The artist is looking for speech “accurate and naga”. The laconic, performed by the harsh restraint scene of a modest everyday meal of Aunt Sasha is imbued with symbolic significance. This is the formula of a simple and meager world in which the heroine lives, this is the image of the beauty of human being, opposing hunger, chaos and violence.

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