Artist – Petrov -Vodkin

Petrov-Vodkin called the still life "one of the acute conversations of the painter with nature". Deprived of random and fleeting, the still lifes of the master are marked with a vivid peculiarity of color and promising construction: objects are written closely, in "Emphasis". The artist solves the problem of the spatial and plastic interaction of the subject and environment, using the principles of the philosophical and artistic system developed by him, the elements of which were a spherical prospect and "Three -flowers", "Planetary" Visions. The lifes of the master are full of internal significance and, as it were, spiritualized. The artist invites you to look closely at the well-known objects and-suddenly-see them in a new way.

Yabloki canvas created in 1917. During this period, in the first post-revolutionary years, Petrov-Vodkin works a lot in the field of portrait and still life. It is with the help of these genres, and still still life that occurs in his work of some “return to reality” from conditionally allegorical, flat-decorative paintings.

Earlier, during the years of gaining professionalism and the search for his own style, Kuzma Sergeyevich rarely turned to subject productions, they appear only around 1912. Almost all of them – the image of flowers and apples – wear a studio, studying nature, character. Masters are mostly interested in the most complex process of translating the real form into a picturesque form, so to speak, a floral form, rich and sonorous. Thus, Petrov-Vodkin is very close to one of the main problems of the new art-to cleanse the work from the plot-thematic principle. The artist claims: “The content of painting is a soulful logic of color and shape, and the plot in most cases only interferes with the true effect of painting”. Such was the theory, but in practice the plot affected in its compositions, even still still still acquired a narrative and at the same time allegorical character. “Apples on a red background” can be evaluated as a transition step. In this canvas, the space of the red background has already lost its motionless single -color, and apples acquired the liveliness of forms and imagery. Each apple performs its effect and has a unique character, which is why the composition acquires almost a genre character. With a certain share of imagination, you can imagine a group of three objects-beautiful girls. They are inclined to each other, whisper and look at the proudly and independently standing at a distance of ruddy well done.

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