The artist is Serebryakova

In 1922, Serebryakova received permission to be behind the scenes of the Mariinsky Theater on the days of ballet performances. So her ballet compositions arose (“snowflakes”, “blue dancers”), as well as a series of portraits of ballerin. A. Ivanova, e. N. Heydenreich, m. WITH. Dobrolyubova and others. The artist wrote to Ekaterina Heidenreich in 1923 twice – in blue and red, conveying the beauty and charm of a talented dancer. (IN. Prince.).

Heydenreikh Ekaterina Nikolaevna (Nikodimovna) (1897–1981/1982) – ballet dancer and teacher. Dance in the Mariinsky (Kirov) theater in St. Petersburg – Leningrad (1915–1936). She taught at the Leningrad Choreographic School (1925–1941). Tutor of the Leningrad Maly Theater of Opera and Ballet (1936–1941, 1957–1962). Founder and leader (1945–1955) of the Perm Choreographic School.

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 182.

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