The artist is Golovin

Hollerbach Erich Fedorovich (1895–1942) – art critic and art critic, poet. One of the founders of the Society of Artists in Leningrad (1928–1932). Hollerbach was the author of the first separate edition of the monograph about the artist (prepared in 1922, published in 1928), helped him when compiling his book “Meetings and Impressions”, edited its first edition (1940) and compiled a list of artist’s works, also wrote a number of articles about articles about his work. In addition, Hollerbach himself painted well, collected the first anthology of poems dedicated to a. A. Akhmatova, was a local historian of the children’s village, wrote the first book about this city (“City of Muses”). Portrait of Hollerbach is one of the best works by Golovin in the 1920s. (A. A.).

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 172.

A. I. Golovin worked for many years the main artist of imperial theaters. Portraits also occupy an important place in his work, among which the images of Russian culture figures stand out.

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