The artist is Avilov

Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich (1883–1973) is covered with the glory of the folk hero. He was born on the Don in a poor peasant family. In 1903 he began military service as an ordinary. He participated in the Russo-Japanese War as part of the Don Cossack Regiment and then, as the best rider, he was sent to St. Petersburg to the officer cavalry school for courses for lower ranks. During the First World War, being a non-commissioned officer, he showed outstanding courage and was awarded the soldier’s dahlias of all 4 degrees. After the October Revolution, he returned to the Don and created a cavalry detachment, which gradually grew into a division, successfully acting against the White Guards near Tsaritsyn. In 1919, the division was renamed the equestrian corps, and then into the First Horse Army, which played an important role in military operations of the Civil War. After its end, Budyonny held various high positions. In 1935, among the five largest Soviet commanders, he was awarded the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union, in which he participated in the Great Patriotic War, showing, however, low competence in modern military operations. Civil War forever remained a star hour of Budyonny. The inscription on the study states that this living and direct image of the legendary hero of the Civil War was fulfilled in just 50 minutes. The artist managed to accurately grab the simple -minded character of this dashing cavalryman, who said: “Yes, for me it doesn’t matter what front, my business is to rush”. (P. TO., T. H.)

The inscription and signature: with. M. Budyonny posed 50 minutes. 12 f. 1923. M. Avilov. Rostov n/d.

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. WITH. 394.

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