The artist is Kuchumov

Following the example of European sovereigns, Peter I laid in St. Petersburg and its environs several summer residences, which eventually turned into luxurious architectural and park complexes. A marble sculpture was bought to decorate palace interiors and garden alleys abroad. In particular, the famous statue of Venus Tauride was brought to Russia under Peter. The ban on its export from Rome was imposed by Pope Clement IX himself, but the dexterous Russian diplomat Savva Raguzinsky offered him instead of the trophy relics of St. Brigitte, captured in Revel. Dad was inconvenient to prefer the sensual pagan goddess of the Catholic righteous, and Venus went to Petersburg in 1718. Kuchumov in his thesis, carried out in the IAX, depicted the scene of the solemn “presentation” of the new outlandish acquisition by Peter the Great and the court, gathered in the summer palace. Next to the emperor, the artist portrayed him Arap, Abram Petrovich Hannibal (about 1697–1781) – great -grandfather A. WITH. Pushkin. // Pavel Klimov. Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. WITH. 189.

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