The artist is Sternberg

The artist Sofya Dymshits-Tolstoy created living pictures of the meager life of the creative intelligentsia of the 1918-1920s: “Having received soup in which several grains swam, we waited with lust with the famous Vobla. They sat down with a soup and the wobble on a bench, and lunch began with the processing of Vobla, she was softened by beating on the table from one and the other side “.

Similar hymns are wobble, herring, a piece of bread then sang many. In the stills of the post -revolutionary period, the modest and meager food of those years turns into an object of admiring and chanting.

Two skinny fish on paper is the main component of the “creative” ration of 1917, a sign of severe time. In the picture of Sternberg “Fish and Lamp” they are brought to the forefront, put forward from the canvas out – to the viewer. Such ordinary and well -known things, such as a kerosene lamp and vobla, the artist presented in all expressive modesty, not without elegant asceticism. And at the same time, in their lonely present, there is a special greatness of a simple thing, and a tragic sense of the era, an echo of heroism and everyday life of a civil war.

Having abandoned the usual perspective, the light-air environment, Sternberg threw the plane of the table, made it background, spread the volume of objects, showed them incomparably small compared to immense space, is isolated from the real environment, demonstrating their significance and self-sufficiency.

Being textured and standing out on a lemon-yellow background, brown paper on which the vobla lies, in turn shakes the tangible undoubtedness of the cold fish scales. Classes of complete statics of setting with the dynamics of color, contrasting accents and a thorough and very peculiar surface processing are also interesting – the painting is almost transparent, then glossy or rough.

As well as the painting by Petrov-Vodkin “Herring”, the work of Sternberg is the romantic anthem of the noble stamina of people of the revolutionary era.

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