The artist is Stanberg

The deepest changes in the social nature in the representation of contemporaries of October went hand in hand with a decisive update of the entire subject, material and technical situation of life, as well as aesthetic horizons.

In 1919, Mayakovsky proudly proclaimed:


Differers of the new faith,

beauty setting iron tone.

So that the nature of frails do not blame the squares,

In heaven we shy of reinforced concrete.

George Stanberg, like many artists of his generation, aesthetized a scheme or drawing, found beauty in plastic parts of cars, in steel lace of naked structures. His experiments had a direct access to design, architecture, forms of visual agitation, significantly enriched the expressive possibilities of stage decoration.

The work of George Stenberg was formed under the influence of the constructivist ideas of Vladimir Tatlin. His picture of 1920 “Lifting Crane” embodies a new industrial aesthetics. The picturesque design of the work, demonstrating the savings of materials, the accuracy, clarity and unity of the whole structure, expresses the main postulate of constructivists: “With a plumb line in the hand, with the eyes of accurate, like a ruler, with a spirit tense as a compass, we build them as our world builds our own Creations, like an engineer of bridges, as a mathematician of the orbit formula “.

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