The artist is Serebryakova

In the early 1920s, Serebryakova created a cycle of paintings related to the life of the fitting and ballet restrooms. Since 1921, the eldest daughter Serebryakova Tatyana (Tata) studied at the choreographic school of the Petrograd Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The Serebryakov family often attended performances that were on the stage of the former Mariinsky Theater. Thanks to his uncle, Alexander Benois, who during this period was a scenaographer and a member of the theater directorate, Serebryakova manages to get permission to be behind the scenes and visit artistic restrooms. Here she finds inspiration for her work. For three years every week, Serebryakova came to the restrooms, where she made numerous sketches of those dressing and dressing up before going to the stage of the dancers. In order not to tire them with a long posing, the artist bought a ballet costume (pack, corsage, shoes, coco) and often posed for herself in front of the mirror in the required pose.

In the film “Ballet Ladder. Snowflakes “Serebryakova depicts the actresses of the cordobillet, focusing on the plastic beauty of perfect forms of young ballerinas. In this work, as in the entire series of works dedicated to the ballet, the artist reaches the most complete expression of a poetic, exalted mood reigning behind the scenes, masterfully conveying the atmosphere of universal revival and joyful expectation, which usually happens before the start of the performance.

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