Artist – Petrov -Vodkin

If in the famous picture of 1912 “Bathing of the Red Horse” was heard the theme of the prophetic foreboding of future formidable events, then in the film “Fantasy”, created in the post -revolutionary decade, a fearless appeal to the future of Velieri Khlebnikov sounds:

Who is with me – in flight?
And with me – my friends!

The fiery miracle-kon flies into the sky rapidly. Under his hooves, the endless earth extends – hills, forests, rustic huts. The horse now carries on itself not a fragile lad, whose naked flesh reminded of the Eucharistic victim, but a horseman who can subordinate a mighty element to his will. In this indomitable flight, the pathos of the endless movement forward, the aspirations of all mankind are not just into the future, but to improve or even remake the world through the “labor and valor of their heroes”.

But why the horseman’s gaze seems so alarming and why he is not directed into a bright distance, but as if immersed in memory of the past? Whether this fantastic flight will turn into an Ikarov fall?

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