The artist is Byalynitsky -Birulya

In the work of the masters, the development of the tradition of Russian lyrical landscape. The artist was inferior to a number of his contemporaries in significantly artistic plans, but in a small circle of his favorite stories he reached high results. The interests of the painter are given to the image of the nature of the Russian village, and the main source of poetic experiences is the immediate impression of communication with nature. In the picture "Emerald of Spring" The artist appears as a bright adherent of the so -called landscape. Spring, village outskirts, road, shiny puddles of water, delicate green grass… The bright joyful state of nature in one of its transitional periods is spring in all its essence. The coloristic structure of the canvas, which was extremely characteristic of an artist who loved to write in greenish-blue, grayish, lilac halftones is peculiar.

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