The artist is Mashkov

Ilya Mashkov – one of the founders of the Association “Diamond Valet”. His landscapes are recognized by pastel painting and multi -color colorful juiciness. The artist belongs to the group of masters, which I. A. Tigendhold called “Moscow Cezannists”. In March 1916, Ilya Mashkov and Pyotr Konchalovsky left the Bunny Valet and moved to the Society of the World of Art. However, the “Crimean landscape” is fully consistent with the spirit of exhibitions of “Bunovytsy”. Primitivism, in the direction of which at first the “Diamond Valet” developed, actively rethought the landscape of the classical visual tradition. In the new method, the artist does not imitate nature, but explores its picturesqueness, relying on natural impressions. In the picture, the color seems to ignore the air environment. Objects are built in a horizontal plane with separate spots forming spatial plans. Picturesque modeling objects is textured equivalent to the entire surface of the canvas.

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