The artist is Benoit

Since 1914 A. N. Benois, along with other artists (h. E. Serebryakova, e. E. Lancer, m. IN. Dobuzhinsky, b. M. Kustodiev), is working on the design of the interiors of the Kazan station (architect A. IN. Shchusev), namely, a restaurant of class I-II and, later, the cabinet of the chairman of the Society of the Moscow-Kazan Railway N. TO. von Mecca (1863–1929).

In accordance with the project, the interior of the buffet, resolved in the style of Russian baroque, was supposed to decorate with picturesque panels. Benois undertook to perform compositions on the end walls – “Triumph of Europe” and “Triumph of Asia”.

For the office n. TO. von Mecca, the artist worked on a ceiling project with an allegorical composition “Time awakening labor and trade” located in the center of the allegorical composition.

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