Feb 15, 2023

The artist is Lentulov

The picture belongs to a series of works inspired by the views of the Novoerusalem Monastery near Moscow, and is a characteristic example of the picturesque plastic of Lentulov, combining the limiting color saturation with dynamism, "Slitterness" form. Artist "Drinking" Colorful old architecture on separate bright fragments, likening them in decorativeness to a kind of mosaic panel, where each colorful smear begins to sound like a bright piece of smalt. The rebellious, the revolutionary spirit of Lentulov’s painting was caught by the seer Velimir Khlebnikov, who wrote: "The bells with high gaps were tending, like a man bent over and suddenly bent over his stomach or a man broken in several places … This was a storm through painting; Later it will pass through life; And bells will break a lot".

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