Feb 15, 2023

The artist is Filonov

Filonov perceived the modern city as a source of evil, crippling a person physically and spiritually. In the picture „Animals" Among the stone desert of houses, monstrous animals roam anthropomorphic faces.

The gap with nature turns into a spiritual wild man. Velimir Khlebnikov wrote: “A man took the surface of the globe at the wise community of animals and plants and became lonely: he had no one to play in the spot and enlightenment; In the empty rest of the darkness of non -being around, there is no game, no comrades. Who should he indulge with? Around the empty „No". The beasts expelled from the trunk of the souls rushed into him and inhabited his steppes with their law. Built animal cities in the heart “. These souls of animals, instilled into a person, constitute the essence of the anti -thorbanic paintings of Filonov.

Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. WITH. 337.

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