Apr 11, 2023

The artist is Rozanova

One of the thinnest artistic critics, Abram Efros, wrote about Olga Rozanova: "She was a true futurist as much as her friends and associates in most cases – only servants of theory. It is not easy for me to name among them someone who would be the same as Rozanova, at ease in their futuristic work". He also attributed Rozanov to the number "rare masters – intimists of futurism". "Desk" – One of those works that the critic had in mind: the artist retains attachment to everyday objects, to the trifles of everyday life – recognizable and familiar; The composition is detailed and verbose. "Futurism of this warehouse is a modern heir to ancient and cozy painting Interieurs’s, writes Efros. – He does not renounce them, but is turning into a new way".

Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. WITH. 328.

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