The artist is Senkin

Senkin is a little -known artist, his picturesque heritage is extremely small.

In 1921 Senkin, a student to. Malevich, showed at the exhibition in the club to them. P. Cezanna 30 works – Suprematic painting and Suprematic spatial models. Judging by some of the surviving works, these were canvases stylistically close to the Suprematic compositions of the master. In this sense, work from the MHK collection marks a new turn in the creative searches of Senkin.

Flavor „Suprematic compositions “more restrained, it is dominated by shades of black, white and gray colors. The artist emphasizes in them the structural multi -layer composition of the composition, strengthening this sensation thanks to „the influx of “one form on another and the effect of translucent of the composition of geometric planes constituting. (ABOUT. Sh.)

Museum in the museum. Russian avant -garde from the collection of the Museum of Artistic Culture in the collection of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, 1998. WITH. 258

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