The artist is Rylov

Rylov’s study at the Academy of Arts with Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi contributed to the development of talent, but Rilov did not become an imitator of the famous landscape painter. In a complex atmosphere of various artistic trends in the art of the first quarter of the 20th century, he found his place-masters of a realistic landscape with a raised-romantic sound. “In Rylov’s landscapes, the whole world is permeated with feeling, animated; It seems you can hear his thoughts, understand his language, ”wrote one of the famous critics.
The picture is characterized by a complex composition, expressed by many elements and details, and active color moments. Despite such a rich variety of trees, the artist managed to balance all his landscape work. The course of the river floats somewhere into the distance, pulling the thoughts of the contemplator and leading him into the calm of the blue open spaces. His landscape personifies the calm and carelessness of the nature of the autumn evening. Exhibition catalog in Malaga “Seasons. Works from the collection of the Russian Museum “. 2015. WITH. 126.

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