The artist is Kustodiev

The Comintern or the Communist International was an international organization created to unite the world communist movement. The Second Congress of the Comintern began work on July 19, 1920 in Petrograd. Delegates from 35 countries participated in it. One of the largest artists of the World Art Association, Boris Kustodiev, was attracted and.Brodsky to write a canvas dedicated to one of the most important events of the post -revolutionary time.

In the picture with the artist’s decorativeness, the thoroughness of the characteristics of the folk types, the atmosphere of the festival of representatives of different nationalities who arrived on Congress is conveyed. Deprived of the opportunity to move due to illness, the artist drove around the city by car, carefully peering into the unusual signs of new in urban life, made field sketches, penetrating the atmosphere of the celebration. All these observations were embodied in a free composition, the dominant of which was different in intonation red color. This color in its modifications along with the interpretation of mass as a whole and individual characters expressed the idea of ​​a holiday. “After all, such a street had to wait,” the painter recalled, convinced that “the picture should be a document of our offspring”.

Having imprinting on canvas, it would seem, with documentary reliability, a specific event, Kustodiye creates the same as before the collective image of mass festivities, freely combining heterogeneous motifs in one picture space. Dozens of different scenes are shown here, all layers of the population, people of different professions, ages, nationalities are depicted. Moreover, the exotic forms and clothes of the foreign delegates of the Congress of the Comintern captured here give the sparkling triumph a particularly wide semantic range. It is necessary for all this variegated crowd to red banners, similar flames of a joyful fire, the rain of the leaflets rises, the fast wind rushes, adjusting the torn clouds – the feeling of the holiday eventually becomes very wide, large -scale and metaphorical.

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Detailed information about the picture and.AND.Brodsky "The grand opening of the II Congress of the Comintern in the Uritsky Palace in Leningrad". 1920-1924. and characters of the picture in the ArtFact application.

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A holiday in honor of the II Congress of the Comintern July 19, 1920. Demonstration on Uritsky Square
Holidays on Palace. Two paintings from one era. Kuptsov and Kustodiev
Creation year: 2015 | Multimedia film | Language: | Duration: 16:24

The film is dedicated to two famous works from the collection of the Russian Museum, paintings B.M.Kustodieva “A holiday in honor of the 2nd Congress of the Comintern July 19, 1920. Demonstration on Uritsky Square ”(1921) and in.IN.Kuptsova “ANT-20” Maxim Gorky “(1934).

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