The artist is Malevich

This composition exhibited at the exhibition "0, 10" entitled „Picturesque masses in motion “is dynamic conjugation of painted geometric shapes. Crossing each other, existing in harmony, they are "letters" universal language invented by Malevich – Suprematism. Malevich Suprematism as a direction develops the idea of ​​gaining the highest (supermus) superpersonal essence of art. Components of the composition of the picture "structures" depicted by the fainting in the white space of the background, personifying, according to the artist, the infinity of the universe. The picture has neither the top nor, there is not even a hint of narrative. The artist creates different, "New" Reality, some "A thing in yourself", the existence of which is limited by the framework of the canvas. Attempts not only to feel like part of the universe, but also to find the most accurate picturesque equivalent of the feeling of space in its infinity prompted Malevich to use the experiments of the psychology of human perception in his work. Among them are the properties of the emotional effect of color, experiments with the color spectrum, which gave it the opportunity to achieve a brilliant synthesis of science and art, combine cold calculation and complete freedom of imagination, creating fundamentally new forms of creative comprehension of the world.

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