The artist is Medunetsky

Medunetsky was one of the first constructivists representing the part of the movement that was opposition to the utilitarian „production “art. Romanticism and rationalism were combined in „space image ” „Color structure “created by Medunetsky. It is interesting that similar plastic elements are used by the artist at the same time in „Spatial structure No. 557 “(collection of the art gallery of the University of Yale, New Hive, USA), which, in a certain sense, illustrates the idea of ​​constructivists, and Medunetsky in particular, about saving in art through which it will come true „jump to the all -human culture “. (ABOUT. Sh.)

Museum in the museum. Russian avant -garde from the collection of the Museum of Artistic Culture in the collection of the State Russian Museum. SPb., 1998. WITH. 178.

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