Artist – Petrov -Vodkin

After the birth of Lena’s daughter, "Lengies", TO.WITH. Petrov-Vodkin creates a whole series of works with her image. In numerous portraits of his daughter, Petrov-Vodkin appears to be a gentle father and sensitive to the nuances of childhood artist. The image of her daughter appears in numerous household sketches, in interior and genre paintings. From the baby to the angular and cute teenage girl was captured by the artist her growing up. The blue eyes of the child look at the viewer with close attention. A tiny nose and densely compressed lips of the girl look especially touching on the exorbitant head. But the composition of the portrait-with a girl sharply cut by the lower edge of the canvas, with broken lines of the folds of her clothes and uneven, a blue background creates some kind of alarming, but not at all a sentimental feeling.

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