The artist is Malevich

In 1915, in Petrograd, at the “last futuristic exhibition of paintings”, called “0.10”, (for 10 of its participants decided to reduce all subject forms to “0” and step by “0” into indescribability), Kazimir Malevich shows 39 abstract Suprematics compositions, among which, along with the “black square”, a “red square” was presented.

Clarifying name "Red square" – "Picturesque realism of a peasant woman in 2 dimensions" – in a certain sense deciphens the concept of Malevich. The imagination of the artist gives "The picturesque realism of the peasant woman" a certain semantics. Using only the color and laconic shape, outlining the general outline of the alleged figure, the creator of Suprematism is innovatively embodied by the traditional image of a peasant in a red sundress. The reality surrounding us, which we perceive in three dimensions, is transformed on the canvas of Malevich into an image-sign, interpreted in two dimensions and, for these reasons, far from specific associations. A saturated red square, due to the barely noticeable asymmetry, is dynamically combined with white fields of the background, is the maximum expression of the superpersonal essence of art, which in the suphameatism of Malevich is formulated to a serious study of icon painting with its special symbolism, which is only capable of befitting.

Red color in the image of a peasant woman, used by Malevich in 1915, like black in the “Black Square”, may well be associated with the emotional experiences of the artist of the First World War.

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