The artist is Malevich

Work is a component of the tript, in which, in addition to "Black Cross" Famous "Black square" And "Black circle". Combining the simplest geometric figures of a square, circle and cross to.Malevich turns his art to the traditional symbols of the universe, interpreting them in the chipper style chosen by him. Taken in the absolute "cleanliness", as some primary history of the language, they are equivalent to picturesque formulas, which in the minds of the artist have sacred meaning. In the Suprematic compositions, the artist transformed the ordinary being of man on Earth, placing him as part. The artist considered Suprematism as a new philosophy, the purpose of which is to liberate consciousness, isolation of the will from intelligence. In his article "Cubism" The artist wrote: "The threads of the mind, like a sound, were attached to things, forming a whole network of a web in which consciousness confuses". For the first time to.WITH. Malevich applied the term "Suprematism" To a large group of their paintings depicting geometric abstractions, including triptych, exhibited at the Petrograd futuristic exhibition "zero-ten" (1915). Thus, he expressed his understanding of the ratio of man and the universe. Man was given the opportunity to live in paradise and contemplate the eternal, divine, "built without the help of science, universities, letters… He could not stand this system and now works as a punishment, trying to achieve perfection and get closer to God…".

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