The artist is Puni

One of the most characteristic examples of Russian cubotourism, the “portrait of the wife” was created by Ivan Puni shortly after his trip to Italy and France, during which he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the principles of both French cubism and Italian futurism. At the same time, this portrait differs from the Western masters close in style of works, first of all, the saturation of bright, sonorous colors (which is generally not characteristic of classical cubism gravitating to monochrome), as well as that sensation of soft irony, or even a cheerful joke, which slips slips when, in an indescribable composition, the line of smiling lips or the roundness of the shoulders and chest unexpectedly and almost elusively guesses. (E. B.).

The Boguslavskaya (in the marriage of Puni) Ksenia Leonidovna (1892–1971) is depicted – schedule, artist of theater and applied art.

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 136.

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