The artist is Ostroumova -Labedev

Kruglikova Elizaveta Sergeevna (1865, Moscow – 1941, Leningrad) – schedule, painter, teacher. Studied at Mucvz (1890–1895) U K. A. Savitsky, and. M. Pryanishnikova, a. E. Arkhipova, at the Academy of Witti (1895–1897) at L. ABOUT. Meerson, e. Aman-jana and in the studio f. Kolarossi in Paris. Member of the French Society of original engraving in paints (1904), an independent salon in Paris (since 1904), autumn salon in Paris (since 1908), associations „World of Art “(1915). Participant of exhibitions since 1891: Salon of Independent (Paris, 1897–1914), MTX (1897, 1904, 1906, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1915), Autumn Salon (Paris, 1905–1914), Noh (1905–1909), „The world of art “(1900, 1906, 1911–1924), SRX (1909, 1910), paintings by Petrograd artists of all directions (1923); international in Rome (1911) and Leipzig (1914); Russian art in Paris (1906, 1910). In 1895-1914 she worked in Paris. In 1902 she turned to engraving. She taught in her own workshop (1900–1914) and at the academy „La PALETTE “(1909) in Paris, VIFF (1921–1922) in Petrograd, at the Polygraphic Faculty of Vhutemas – Vkhutein (1922–1929). Drawn up and illustrated books for publishers „Rainbow”, „Red Niva “, „Red Panorama “, Giz (1920–1930s). The art of a silhouette, which was widely used at the end of the 18th century, was again revived in the early twentieth century in line with neoclassical searches and thanks to the efforts of the artists of the circle „World of Art”. Elizaveta Kruglikova has been carried away by this technique since 1914. A. A. Sidorov noted that her „Silhouette Gallery “totaled about a thousand portraits of contemporaries. Neoclassicism in Russia. SPb, 2008

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