The artist is Serebryakova

Children’s images of Serebryakova – a special, naughty note of her work; In them there is something overpowered, inherent in childhood as such, with its serenity and purity, on the one hand, and the expectation of an unknown future, on the other. So, looking at the serene sleeping child in the arms of a happy mother – the paraphrase of the image of Madonna – it is impossible to imagine that cruel and full of tests that will fall out to this baby. Perhaps, only in the eyes of the mother a dumb question froze, a slight feeling of anxiety lurked. (A. L.).

Benoit Anna Alexandrovna (1895–1984) – Elder daughter A. TO. and a. N. Benois, wife of the artist Yu. YU. Cherkesova, amateur artist. Studied with my father, at a. E. Yakovleva (1916–1917), in PGSHUMU UK. WITH. Petrova-Vodkina (1918). Since 1925 I lived in Paris. Was the secretary a. N. Benois, kept his archive. Cousin s. E. Serebryakova. Son – Cherkesov Alexander Yuryevich (1920–1984) – artist. Family nickname – Tatan. During the occupation of France in June 1941, the son was arrested with his father and imprisoned in the German concentration camp in Compiegen, where in July 1943, father-graphic artist Yu. YU. Cherkesov – committed suicide.

Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 178.

Serebryakova repeatedly turned to the portrait genre. Particularly often she was posed by loved ones. In the images created, she emphasized attractive features for her. The portrait of Anna Cherkesova, daughter of Alexander Benois (1895–1984) with her son Alexander (1920–1984) is especially distinguished by its completion and transferring individual features of the model. The contemplative nature of the depicted, tenderness and affection with which she holds in the arms of a sleeping son is penetrated.

Cherkesova (nee Benoit) Anna Aleksandrovna (1895–1984, Paris, was buried in the Saint-Genevive-de-Bois cemetery near Paris)-artist. Daughter a. N. Benois, sister E. A. and and. A. Benois, wife Yu. YU. Cherkesova, mother A. YU. Cherkesova.
Studied painting from her father, at a. E. Yakovlev and K. WITH. Petrova-Vodkin. In 1926 she left for France, lived in Paris. Was the secretary a. N. Benois, kept his archive. In 1969 she transferred the archive to the State Russian Museum.

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