The artist is Mashkov

Fyodorova Elena Fedorovna is depicted – the second wife of the artist, under his leadership was engaged in painting, participated in

exhibitions. (A. L.) Russian portrait. XX century: St. Petersburg, 2001. WITH. 20.

+ About the restoration of the work
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The state of safety before restoration:

Until 1980, the picture was in a private meeting. The previous restorations were associated with the application of records and refreshing varnishes and were of the character of ponies in a free manner

The picture entered the restoration in connection with the finely peeling of the colorful layer in the lower part of the canvas. Microscopic detachments were formed in separate sections of the subtle losses of the upper Lessing Lacke layer, which absorbed multilayer surface pollution. The tension of the canvas was very weakened, the author’s edges dilapidated and did not provide the necessary fixation on the subframe.

Old varnishes fixed pollution that had been painted in painting, and not only part of the loss, but also the author’s colorful layer. The strongest superficial pollution filled the texture of painting, brought a dark tone and concealed joyful picturesqueness and expression of strokes.

Complex of the events:

During the restoration process, the colorful layer and soil were strengthened, the base deformations were eliminated, nails and punctures along the edges were made. Numerous pollution and old recordings made to the “dirty” surface are removed from the surface of the painting. As a result, bright blue-green and emerald colors in the shadows sounded. In the picture, the edges were fed, which allowed to restore the necessary tension on the subframe. Then restoration soil was brought into the places of loss of the colorful layer. The tinting of loss on restoration soil is made by “squeezed” oil paints along the surface of a matte varnish and was carried out in accordance with the author’s color and manner. The portrait was returned to the original brightness and saturation of colors, the condition of the colorful layer became stable.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. WITH. 142-143.

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