The artist is Kustodiev

Stepan Razin (1630–1671).

Born in the village of Zimovyskaya on the Don (Emelyan Pugachev was later born). Don Cossack, Ataman. In 1662-1663 he commanded Cossack troops on a campaign against the Crimean Khanate. In 1667 he gathered a large detachment with whom he traveled up the Don, engaged in the robbery of wealthy settlements (“campaign for zipuna”). In 1667–1669, he undertook the so -called Persian campaign on the cities of the west coast of the Caspian Sea, defeated the Iranian fleet. The murder of the ataman of the daughter of the deceased Persian naval holder Manakhan, the 15-year-old Persian princess, became the plot of the song “Because of the Island for the Strezhen”.

In 1670-1671 he was the leader of the largest uprising in the history of pre -Petrine Russia. June 6 (16), 1671 Four on Red Square in Moscow. Hero of folklore, professional poetry and the first Russian movie (1908). A. WITH. Pushkin in one of the letters noticed: “Stenka Razin, the only poetic face of Russian history”. (YU. X.)

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