The artist is Lentulov

Aristarchus Vasilievich Lentulov-one of the members of the Bubbovy Valet group. He went through a passion with symbolism, post -impressionism, primitivism, cubism and cubophuturism and, combining the elements of many directions, developed his principle, called it color -dynamics, the idea of ​​which was associated with a “sensation of the proximity of a picturesque color and musical sound”.

The painting “Autumn”, written in 1921, when the artist decided to move from “dead formulas” towards the “feeling of admiring” attracts with a powerful painting and incredible musicality of color. The center of an amazingly harmonious, thoughtful composition is an array shining with bright gold foliage of trees of an old park fenced by a fence. Rusty, golden-chryal tones are interspersed with rich green, blue and purple, merging into an unprecedented picture showing the world through color and light, as Lentulov himself perceived it. The colors of the Earth are reflected in the colorful music of the sky, connecting into the majestically sounding world symphony. Not oversaturated with details, coloristically the juicy canvas seems slightly melting to the edges and merges with the surrounding space.

The picture refers to a series of works inspired by nature and views of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra near Moscow. Artist „Drafers “the autumn decoration of the forest into separate bright fragments, likening them in decorativeness to a kind of mosaic panel, where each colorful smear begins to sound like a bright piece of smalt. Exhibition catalog in Malaga “Seasons. Works from the collection of the Russian Museum “. 2015. WITH. 127.

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