Feb 15, 2023

The artist is self -wrapping

From the book of memoirs of the artist “My Creative Way”: “I started the thesis. The task was purely spatial. To solve it, I took a simple household scene. But I put in it the entire spatial system of a two -eyed spherical vision.

I sit, as it were, at the window of a large, purely sheathed by fresh boards of veranda. Raising my head up, I see the curtains hanged on the window behind me. They go down behind me. I have a wooden spiral staircase in front of me. I see it throughout the height. I see its lower steps from top to bottom, medium – right in front of me, and the upper ones lead to the second floor. I see from below the railing and ceiling of the upper floor. From the side of this staircase is a mother who washes the head for a girl. And I see a red stool, and a pelvis with soapy water, and the girl I see from above, and the mother and the girl passing along the veranda – right in front of me.

The picture was called the “head”. For this picture and for some Samarkand sketches, I received the title of artist. I don’t remember how I decided to present it for awarding the title, Kuzma Sergeyevich himself was not in Petrograd at that time. He was in Paris. Then led the Academy of Arts with.TO. Isakov. He told me that the Council of the Academy of Arts helped to understand my Samarkand sketches, which at that time exhibited at the exhibition “Artists of Petrograd of all directions” opened in the halls of the Academy of Arts. Kuzma Sergeevich did not participate at this exhibition. He saw my “Glumomok” upon returning from Paris when I already moved from the Academy to Bolshaya Prospekt, to house No. 8. He himself was puzzled by the difficulty of building a composition and called it a “puzzle”.

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