The artist is Grigoryev

In 1916-1919, Grigoryev created a graphic cycle „Raseya “. The images of this cycle were embodied in a number of picturesque work. The grotesque is inherent in the types and characters of Grigoryev. But this is not an angry, deliberate sarcasm, but a grin of an artist, reflecting on the meaning of the shocks who came to Russia with a 1917 revolution.

Not childishly serious eyes of girls from Grigoryev’s paintings as if asking: how to correlate a new reality, „The space and time tore off with the anchors “, with flowers on hut windows, with shaggy dogs, peasant labor and warm bread. The combination of artistic realism and a simple -minded, attentive view of a person, on the people as a merger of many internal worlds, and on the world as a whole – the characteristic features of this original master.

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